1. Offering troubleshooting support of IP-guard and TotalFileGuard on behalf of its developers

There are a lot of IP-guard/TotalFileGuard users on the globe. Pico Technologies has offered support services on both of solutions (IP-guard/TotalFileGuard) while having been the first distributor in Japan for more than ten years. We do not do sales beyond Japan, but give a hand know-how of the technical operations and are delighted to serve globe-users, who imminently need technical help on those solutions.

There are many voices of concern from users in various countries:

  1. Few technical staff available on IP-guard and TotaFileGuard
  2. No “get-to-the-point” help from sales agent(s)/reseller(s)
  3. Deadliest waiting time for responses from sales agent(s)/reseller(s)
  4. Leaving no resolve on breakdown system for a long time
  5. Leaving a functionality of a module undone, not having known how to make the best of it
  6. No tips of how to utilize advanced use on them

We can offer the following technical supports:

  1. Thorough investigation on operational breakdown
  2. Diagnosis of erroneous starting /operating by remote access
  3. Overall Setup guidance
  4. Fast-response on Q & A
  5. Providing some guidance of avoiding operational glitch
  6. Providing some resolutions in case of doing improper operation
  7. How to set up various encrypted files
  8. Draw-up manual documents
  9. Consultation service of IT security

2. Distribute Safe-T Secure Application Access

Safe-T’s Secure Application Access (SAA), is changing the way organizations grant secure external access to their services. It offers secure and transparent access for all types of entities (people, applications, and connected devices) to any internal application, service and data, for example HTTP/S, SMTP, SFTP, SSH, APIs, RDP, SAP, and so forth.

It implements Safe-T’s patented reverse-access (outbound) technology which eliminates the need to open incoming ports in the organization’s firewall.