■ Company Information

■ Company Name: Pico Technologies Inc.

■ CEO: Masami Tamaki

■ Capital: 14,043,400 Yen

■ Year of Founding: March 9. 2009

■ Business Operations

IT solution sales (Distribute IT security product)

IT security services (Support IT security operations)  

IT consultancy services (Cyber-attack prevention and sensitive data protection)

■ Address

Koutoku Building 4th Floor

5-1-5 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032

■ Contact

+81-3-6403-0906 (TEL)

info@pico-t.co.jp (email)

■ Access to office

About 7-miniute walk from Gotanda Station, East Gate on JR Yamanote Line, Metropolitan Subway Asakusa Line, Tokyu Ikegami Line

About 5-minute walk from Ohsaki Hiro Koji Station on Tokyu Ikegami Line

About 10-minute walk from Osaki Station on JR Yamanote Line

■ CEO Profile

Masami Tamaki: Born in Niigata-ken in 1964. After graduating from Tokai University in Japan, he joined in NEC as sales engineer. Subsequently he continued engaging in related fields of computer sales, such as CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM, UNIX Workstation, high-end server system and middleware devices. He started Pico Technologies in 2009 and has been specialized in IT security solutions since then.

■ Messages from CEO

Hello, I am Masami Tamaki. Pico Technologies has continued for more than a decade since it built. I have witnessed that there are dramatically developing and improving Information Technologies that have been released with various IT products in the market. My motto is to find it useful and expedient IT product(s) for end users, would become my first priority to implement company’s mission. Let me explain the firm name of Pico derives from; it is an acronym of “Power the Intersection of Customer success and Our business.” I would be very delighted to achieve customer’s satisfaction that eventually leads to the growth of our business.  Thank you.