What we provide valuable services

Our services are for protecting personal and sensitive data from cyber-attack and theft by internal organization.

There are many voices of concerns from business enterprises:

  • Worrying about current IT security.
  • Whether your having IT security expert (if you do), provides fool-proof of protective measures?
  • Being concerned about preventive measures for secondary incident of clandestine data leakage.

We provide our business clients with the assessment of suitable IT security solution for the purpose of evading risks caused by either cyber-attack or information theft by internal organization based on our IT security experts conducting thorough investigation.

Technical and Professional Support provided via remote access

1. IP-guard

IP-guard is a comprehensive IT management solution that helps business enterprises to protect clandestine and sensitive data, monitor PC users’ online activity, and manage users’ computer usage.

Pico Technologies support ongoing users for operational and technical problems solved regardless of what languages.

2. TotalFileGuard

TotalFileGuard (TFG) protects you from the risks of losing or exposing data. It enforces application-based protection to ensure that your sensitive data remains secure at all times, regardless of who has access to your files. It cover many kinds of files with encryption.

Pico Technologies supports ongoing users for operational and technical problems solved regardless of what languages.

If you want to ask any questions either IP-guard or TotalFileGuard, please send us to info@pico-t.co.jp at email.

PC Rescue Service via Remote Access

Are you facing PC troublesome out of the blue? – we provide a diagnosis of trouble cause by either hardware or software cause, and tackle with it.

We ask you to install AnyDesk application to get remote access before check-over.

We give you a hand by remote access to your PC.

  • Help you for how to set up Wi-fi in your office
  • Help you for initial PC setup
  • Help you for how to set up email account
  • Help you for how to get over PC freezing
  • Help you for basic PC operation